Securities Commission of Papua New Guinea is mandated through three (3) pieces of legislations to regulate and administer the capital market regimes in Papua New Guinea. The new securities legislations have replaced the old Securities Act 1998 (repealed). These legislations were enacted in 2015 and came into effect in 2017. 

The Securities Commission Act 2015

Securities Commission Act 2015 establishes the Securities Commission of PNGPNG Papua New Guinea.

You can download the Securities Commission Act 2015 here

The Capital Markets Act 2015

Capital Markets Act 2015 establishes capital market infrastructures, provisions to issue licenses to market intermediaries, and regulates issuances of securities, bonds, and derivatives to the public.

You can download the Capital Markets Act 2015 here

The Central Depositories Act 2015

Central Depositories Act 2015 ensures to improve efficiency and transparency of the capital market infrastructures in PNG.

You can download the Central Depositories Act 2015 here

The Securities Act 1997 (repealed)

Securities Act 1997 was repealed and the establishes the three (3) securities legislations in 2017.

You can download the Securities Act 1997 (repealed) here