The Capital Market Act (CMACMA 2015 Capital Market Act 2015) 2015 gives provisions for a variety of tradeable financial products or instruments, in the likes of equities, debts, debentures, futures, options, swaps, equity crowd funding, crypto assets and others.  These different types of securities can be traded on the Capital Markets, each with their specific settings.

Our market is predominately equity market over the past twenty-four (24) years since its formation in 1999. The new Laws have rooms for financial product diversification and issuance of hybrid products. The Commission is currently reforming the market by granting new exchange licence to PNGPNG Papua New Guinea National Stock Exchange (PNGXPNGX PNG National Stock Exchange) under the CMA for debt securities to be issued on the market. 

In the equity markets, there are twelve (12) equity stocks listed on the local bourse in which seven (7) are primary listed and five (5) are dual or cross listed stocks on our market.


Within the current crop of Laws that SCPNGSCPNG Securities Commission of Papua New Guinea administers, it allows for debt securities like Bonds to be issued public or in placement which will be traded on the market. Bond comes in different structures like corporate bonds, municipal bonds, collateralized bonds, and zero-coupon bonds and others.

For more information on the stocks, contact Kina Securities Ltd and JMP Securities Limited.