Investor protection is one of the main objectives of the Securities Commission of Papua New Guinea (SCPNGSCPNG Securities Commission of Papua New Guinea), under the mandated powers of Capital Market Act 2015, to safeguard investors from any market misleading information, fraud, and others including market manipulation, insider trading and price rigging,

SCPNG have in place now a robust system to protect the investors and they are as follows:

  • SCPNG have access to real time market surveillance on all trading.
  • Continues periodic disclosure requirements
  • Conflict of interest
  • Fidelity fund.
  • Investigation on breaches of all securities laws
  • Ensure all rules of exchange are complied by all listed entities especially participating organisations
  • Ensure AML/CTF requirements to PNGXPNGX PNG National Stock Exchange are complied with.

Above are main mechanisms SCPNG has in place to properly regulate market and to protect the investors.

Apart from the above mechanisms, SCPNG is also protecting the investors through licensed PNGPNG Papua New Guinea National Stock Exchange (PNGX) Business and Listing Rules and its revised constitution.

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