The research and publication is one of four divisions within Securities Commission of Papua New Guinea (SCPNGSCPNG Securities Commission of Papua New Guinea). Research and publication are two distinct disciplines yet closely intertwined thus coined as a single division.

The division have specific research and publication officers who reports to the Director Research and Publication.

The main function of the Research and Publication Division does is to study new avenues of development in securities and derivatives markets to ensure market players interact according to securities law and forge strategies to curb challenges and take full advantage of new opportunities to grow the industry, which can directly grow PNGPNG Papua New Guinea economy.

This is achieved through effectively conducting and managing research undertakings to ensure quality research findings are available to encourage new investors, especially private companies and individuals to invest in stocks and engage in other products in the Capital Market.

Quality research findings enables SCPNG to better regulate the capital market. It helps SCPNG accomplish its other statutory functions notably preparation of Corporate Governance Code, issuance of class orders or directives in conduct of businesses, elimination of investment businesses abuses among others.

SCPNG’s annual report is the second main responsibility the division is responsible for. The report is compiled with assistance from the respective divisional managers and senior management team.

The report captures SCPNG’s annual performances measured against its Key Performance Indicators (KPI), and it does vividly feature regulatory operational reports of all corporate bodies and persons issued with a capital market license to operate as stock exchange, derivatives exchange, clearing house, trade repository and others.

The report is completed within first three (3) months of each new financial year and the Executive Chairman submits a copy to the responsible Minister who tables it in Parliament.

Whereas the publication team publishes research findings, press releases and other media content as well as maintain public relations.

Publications also includes SCPNG’s achievements and undertakings that are beneficial for all stakeholders namely investors, capital market license holders, government agencies and individuals.