Papua New Guinea has only one approved stock exchange. The PNGPNG Papua New Guinea National Stock Exchange (PNGXPNGX PNG National Stock Exchange) operates out of Monian Haus, Level 1 in downtown Port Moresby. PNGX helps corporations raise capital by issuing equity shares to investors. While the objectives of each of  the SCPNGSCPNG Securities Commission of Papua New Guinea and the PNGX is  different, their roles are complementary. PNGX works closely with the SCPNG in regulating the capital market by supervising the conduct of the 13 companies listed on the PNGX.  

PNGX – (previously Port Moresby Stock Exchange – POMSoX) was incorporated on 26th January 1998. It opened its office on 28th April 1999, with Steamships Trading Ltd being the first company to list on  4th June 1999 .  PNGX is closely aligned to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). The ASX has licensed to PNGX its Business and Listing Rules and PNGX procedures are a mirror image of the ASX.

Presently, PNGX is owned by Kina Securities Limited and Pacific Capital Markets Development Ltd. which acquired Bank South Pacific’s (BSP) 62.5% majority stake in 2018. There are currently 2 brokers active at PNGX: Kina Securities Limited and JMP Securities Ltd. which acquired BSP Capital in April 2020 from Bank South Pacific.

The PNGX currently lists 13 companies and has a total market capitalization of USD 20.3 billion as of October 2021. However, excluding 5 dual listings, such as Newcrest Mining and Santos, the market cap is USD 1.9 billion as of October 2021 compromising of 8 listed local stocks of which USD 1.6 billion is Bank South Pacific (BSP), one of the leading banks in Papua New Guinea and the pacific.